Pulsar Airgill Face Masks with Viraloff Technology

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We know there isn't a cure for COVID-19 yet, but did you know the viruses can be reduced in textiles?

Introducing the brand new PULSAR® AirGill Face Masks, which are treated with the innovative Polygiene ViralOff Technology - which reduces viruses and bacteria by over 99% within a 2 hour timespan.

The big question you'll be asking of course is does ViralOff also work against coronaviruses? The simple answer is yes, it does.

From research and discussions with leading virologists, we know that coronaviruses works in similar ways to other enveloped viruses - such as Sars and Influenza.

There are 3 key functions of any face mask…

Captures coughs and sneezes of asymptomatic people
Eradicate the risk of inhaling any stray air borne water droplets
Prevents auto inoculation, which is the process of inadvertently placing your hands in and around your mouth

All these functions are designed to help prevent transmission of viruses - but what happens when the mask itself becomes contaminated?

Well, these AirGill masks also eradicate that problem. They are treated with Polygiene ViralOff technology, which is essentially like constantly washing your hands. The active ingredient in the mask itself is working all the time to reduce the bacteria and virus levels in the mask, meaning it will stay clean and free of bacteria and viruses without you physically having to wash the masks yourself.

Odor Crunch technology is incorporated into the masks, eradicating any bad odours or smells that may develop during the day.

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